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SEO Technologies is a Wholesale Website Designer, SEO, SEM company that brings low cost Internet Advertising, Design Services to your Online Business.

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SEO Technologies is a Search Engine Optimization company in Saint Louis, Missouri which specializes in custom-fitting the many tools of online marketing to the Budget-Minded needs of your organization. As a streamlined company, SEO Technologies is perfectly designed to satisfy the investment-wise advertiser in a market where only the smartest advance.


Our Mission: To help companies gain a better understanding of the affordable online tools that they can use to improve their company's market exposure and increase revenue while cutting costs.

We have this mission because for years, conventional marketing and advertising campaigns were the standard for reaching your customers. The mainstay for gaining market share was simple:

keep stepping in the same holes (investing in print & online ads, trade shows & marketing staff armed with fliers & candy jars) and hope that out-spending your competition will finally produce the different results in the form of greater market share.

We consider it our responsibility to help website owners understand that there's a better way, a less expensive way and more profitable way. And they're all one thing...SEO!

Today, it’s all about Search Engine Exposure...      
                                             And Only the Smartest Advance!


At SEO Technologies, we know that there are 3 types of companies in your industry:

  • Companies who follow the same old marketing “strategy” that they’ve struggled with for years.
  • Companies who build their websites expecting that: "If You Build It, They Will Come”, still confused of why they're stuck on the 4th page of a Google Search!
  • Companies who realize that there is a Science and Strategy to Optimizing your Online Presence and a Tremendous Market Advantage to be had by Implementing SEO.

Maximizing your Online Presence is the Smartest way to Gain Market Advantage!

At SEO Technologies, that's what we do!


If you still think that the Old Methods of Print Advertising provides your Business any Advantage over a Strong Internet Presence and the effects of Internet Marketing (SEM), ask yourself these questions:

  • How much does your company Spend in Print Ads and the Shot-Gun approach to marketing each year?
  • Of those, included in your Print Ad publication's circulation numbers, how many of them actually fit your Target Market? (Not Many).
  • Of those, how many of them Actually see the Ad that You Pay For? (Much Fewer).
  • Out of those, how many people actually pick up the phone and call you? (Fewer, still).
  • After you answer those questions, ask yourself this: How many of your clients actually still rely on Print Advertisement to search for Service Providers anymore?  (Almost None).


The answers to these questions starts to become unbearable once you look at the percentage of your budget that’s dedicated to this dying method of reaching your client base.

Instead, consider that roughly 80% of Your Target Market now accesses your company’s products and services…Online!

  • The circulation of the internet is incalculable, which means you choose your level of exposure to your market.
  • Online, your ad is seen by a large number of people for free and clicked on by people who are specifically interested in your services.
  • People who click on your ad have instant access to your contact information, along with all of the benefits and services of your small business. Most of all, the internet is where your Targeted Clients are right now! And, it’s getting more powerful every day.


The truth is, Print Ads are only useful for it's repetitious Osmosis effect--building a brand long term. And it's not even good at that. This is why the use of Print Ads continues to die off as a marketing medium.

Consider this REAL scenario to illustrate how SEO Technologies services can affect your bottom line:

A customer of ours spent $40,000 per year on Yellow Page ads alone. This was most of their allotted ad budget and actually broke down to being the equivalent to $45 "per click", plus, they have almost NO ORGANIC EXPOSURE--free exposure. Anything was better than this! Within 2 weeks, we slashed this down to just under $10,000 per year (freeing up money for other ads and marketing) while increasing web volume and ROI by over 300%.

This is nothing new. However, businesses still continue to pour Tens of Thousands of Dollars into Printed Directories, Newspapers and Poorly Run Internet Marketing Campaigns simply because they just don't know what else to do.

Instead, consider stepping into an entirely New Direction and Build Company Revenue and Cut Costs at the same time. You can even review your new site to eliminate any uncertainty. In this economy, the difference between strong market advantage is determined by who has the Strongest Presence Online and who Optimizes their Internet Marketing Campaign first.


So, why do you need SEO Technologies:

  • Reach your Target Market and Save Money.
  • Stop Focusing Time and Resources on Out Dated Marketing Strategies.
  • Reinvest the Savings from your Marketing Budget into Working Capital.
  • Gain Market Share and Put your Competitors into Catch-Up Mode.
  • Build the Market Value that Your Company Deserves.
  • Build Revenue while Achieving Peace of Mind.


Reach Your Target Market Before Your Competition Does!

Discover the Power that Affordable
Search Engine Optimization can bring your small business.


P.O. Box 964, St Louis, MO 63011      314.560.8982


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