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Real SEO and Internet Marketing Unlocks the Power of Online Organic Search Engine Results for your Small Business!

SEO prevents your site from being invisible to search engines. Search engines like Google and Bing have requirements that, if not met, see your site as unreadable or, even worse, penalize it for violating search engine requirements.

SEM keeps your SEO'd site from sitting still. Once Google understands your site's content and likes its coding, it wants to know whether your market actually views it as being important. Does your site already have great user history, are people talking about it and are you maximizing the best outreach tools and playing an active part in the growth of the internet? Fact is, "If you build it, they won't necissarily come" because Google rewards those who play by Google's rules. And un-SEM'd website that remains "unimportant" may not be rewarded with higher search rankings.

Sound complicated? It really isn't. Once set up, your SEO representitive can even show you how to manage your own accounts to easily do it yourself and Save money!

So, here is the question to ask your office's marketing team:

"Is it really better to spend our money on ads, marketing supplies and lunches rather than simply investing in our website and reaching our clients directly?"

So...why is SEO and SEM so crucial for your company's R.O.I.?
  • By now, everyone know that the most efficient way to reach your target client is to do it online.
  • Diverting your ad budget money into your website allows you access to FREE organic search results and lower ppc rates due to improved relevance.
  • Beat your competition to the punch! While you've been investing in your ad rep's mortgage and fine wine collection, your competition's been positioning themselves on the 1st page of a Google search and helping themselves to the revenue that should be yours. Take control of your position in your market and control your revenue!

Are you still paying for Print Ads and Ad Spec Marketing?


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(and here's the Good News), even some of the best performing companies in your industry are succeeding online with very poor SEO--simply because their competition (you) has no SEO at all.

So, why isn't every company well optimized for high online performance?

Two Simple Reasons:

 «Companies don't know what
   SEO means to their 
   company's overall

«SEO is normally associated 
   high fees, making SEO and
   SEM seem cost prohibitive.
   However, that's simply not
   the case.

Advertising markets are ineffective
Surprisingly, some companies are still sinking their ad budgets into old Print advertising and News Publications, somehow expecting an advantage over their more savvy competition. Not everybody knows that these industries are out dated and barely surviving. They're fully aware that the sooner small businesses (like you) understand the advantages of effective internet marketing, the sooner you maximize your R.O.I.

It's time for a change...                                              
                         It's time for SEO Technologies!

Without SEO Technologies, SEO can come with High Costs...

Generally, SEO companies are fully aware of the tremendous impact that SEO has your bottom line. And that's reflected in their High Fees that They Pass On To You...their clients. We at SEO Technologies believe that this shouldn’t be the case.

SEO Technologies Introduces: Value-Based Pricing!


Clearly, companies who survive this economy do so by cutting waste and maximizing their resources. Investing is SEO and SEM isn't enough unless you're doing it at eholesale rates. Reclaim your marketshare and do it with low cost seo and sem of SEOTechnologies!

So...Gone are the days of rich marketing budgets dedicated to Ineffective Print Advertising, Golf Tournaments and misguided Marketing Reps distributing fliers and ad spec items--with in the hope of gaining new business.

Nobody achieves a Market Advantage with the same outdated strategies that their competition does--or even worse, no longer does.

Are you invested wisely in the future of your company?


If you still think that the Old Methods of Print Advertising provide your Business any Advantage over a Strong Internet Presence and the effects of Internet Marketing, ask yourself these questions:internet market trends
  • How much does your company Spend in Print Ads and the Shot-Gun approach to marketing each year?
  • Of those, included in your Print Ad publication's circulation numbers, how many of them actually fit your Target Market? (Not Many).
  • Of those, how many of them Actually see the Ad that You Pay For? (Much Fewer).
  • Out of those, how many people actually pick up the phone and call you? (Fewer, Still)
  • After you answer those questions, ask yourself this: How many of your clients actually still rely on Print Advertisement as a source to actually find a Service Provider anymore? (Almost None).

"If you Build It, They Won't Necessarily Come"

Website design with high end SEOIt's True! "If You Build It, They Won't Necessarily Come". Many new website owners invest several thousands of dollars into a website with the expectation of it leading to higher revenues. However, business owners soon realize that simply have a website doesn't instantly propel them ahead of the billions of other websites who were there before them.

These business owners wonder what it takes to bridge that gap between a stagnant site and a website that reaches out to their target market, draws them in and converts them into sales volume....That's SEO and SEM.

It takes Website Optimization to make the content of your website relevant to your Target Market as well as meet the needs of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.
That's why there's SEO Technologies. Our Value-Based Fee Structure ensures that our SEO Clients are smartly invested in their Internet Marketing Campaigns to Grow their company and avoid being buried in excessive SEO fees!  Therefore, you can be certain that SEO Technologies is the smart choice when reaching out to your clients.

(see our Website Samples)


Still Not sure if Low Cost SEO and Internet Marketing is right for your business?

There are millions of internet searches in your market and the competition for that traffic is high. You can Win The Battle for Online Supremacy just like our client and StLouisMoleTrapping.


Get the Idea?

Prior to deciding on SEO Technologies as your provider of Website Design and Online Marketing Solutions, we hope that you diligently research other SEO companies.

In doing this, we know that you will gain a complete understanding of the true Value and Quality of the services that SEO Technologies brings to your company's bottom line.
Here's Proof: Simply perform a Google Search with any combination of relevant keywords: St Louis, Mole, Removal, Trapper, Exterminator, etc. In a very competitive market, our client will only ALWAYS BE #1 in Google's Search and dominate with 4-5 of the first 10 Organic Search results on that 1st page of the Google Search as well! All Organic...All FREE!
In fact, our client is smaller than his competition but still dominates the internet with FREE organic placement while his competition pays huge advertizing fees just to be on the same page as him.

As a client of SEOTechnologies, your business can dominate, too!

Our client has permitted us to tell you that their entire Ad Campaign budget is less than $500/month.

This is exactly the kind of Internet Presence that awaits your company.


Reach Your Target Market Before Your Competition Does!

Discover the Power that Affordable
Search Engine Optimization can bring your small business.


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